Property Management Services

This division aims to maximise the income you receive from your property, whilst having regard to risk.

We understand the importance of a stable and continuing cash flow.

Alpha service property owner’s requirements in the following areas:

  • Building management
  • Tenancy management
  • Lease renewals
  • Rent reviews
  • Financial reporting

Tenants, and the tenancy mix, need to be chosen and managed carefully.

We understand that property does not exist in a vacuum. We will always consider the position of your property within the market and will keep you fully informed so that you may capitalise on any opportunities. We aim to ensure that your property maintains or improves its position in the market place.

Value can be added.

Management is more than simply collecting rent and filling vacancies. Effective management needs to take a long term and strategic view of the property.

Our approach involves sourcing further investments for clients. Once a project has been identified, and upon further investigation and analysis, we would make an appropriate recommendation.

A trust account has been established to address both accounts receivable and payable on behalf of clients, to be administered in accordance with the Management Agreement negotiated and regulations governing real estate agents.



The directors of Alpha Property and Facilities Management have a wealth of experience in acting for sellers of a wide range of properties in Perth.

With our collective experience we can act effectively in developing and managing a marketing campaign that will provide vendors with the opportunity of maximizing returns on the sale of their property investments.

At Alpha, our approach is not to simply put up a sign and list the property for sale. A thorough assessment of the property would be undertaken, considering the properties lease schedule, physical condition and appearance. We provide tangible advice aimed at maximizing returns prior to listing so that vendors achieve the best possible price.



Occasionally tenants and property owners require independent advice on leasehold and freehold property transactions.

At Alpha, we can offer our experience in consulting on a wide range of real estate transactions and negotiate on your behalf to achieve your objectives.

Negotiation is an art as much as it is a science, calling for tact and diplomacy, as well as problem solving skills that the directors of Alpha have developed over many years in the real estate industry.

As licensed real estate agents we are committed to the highest ethical standards and will only accept instructions that are free from conflicts of interest.